Trauma comes in all sizes and contexts: childhood, emotional, circumstantial, and physical trauma are but a few.

I work with trauma of all kinds. I began my training with a focus on trauma and I remain firmly rooted in the idea that we all have the capacity to heal the wound within.

Sometimes people come to me because they are interested in EMDR. They have had a single incident experience (a car crash for example) and the EMDR can change how they hold that memory in a few sessions.

Sometimes we begin to explore the history of the trauma and realize EMDR is great combined with other forms of therapy. We build new ways of experiencing our past and reflecting on it.

I am an attachment focused EMDR clinician, which means I follow you closely thru the experience and help ground you with a therapeutic alliance.

I am also trained in the Trauma Resiliency Model, which means we build skills around keeping you rooted in yourself when you feel yourself getting pulled into a trauma state.